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Or at least more like my art progress is lacking, haven't drawn for a while.  

I'm sorry... Probably shouldn't say I will draw more soon.  Trying to get through crap, straighten my life out, but no one cares anyway cause this sounds like attention whore stuff.  

Expect something at least.
Any feedback or anyone at all?

But whatever, I am not the launch day type of person.
So anyone miss me???  I've been doing stuff.
It's my birthday today :< I know I haven't been active for a while but at least I'm here.
It will be my birthday :3 Yay... Don't need to get me a gift but a picture or birthday money would be nice (via paypal).

Also except art, sorry it's been slow.
So you know Nicole, Emily, and Ellie?  Those three who are like best friends and the other characters?  I planned on making it a series with a pending title.

As far as I thought of it, it's just about three friends having fun (One being a kid, a teen or young adult, and an adult?) and there's more to it but I will think of more :/
I've been quiet lately?  No?  Yes?

Whatever, in short I've been worried about my mother because of her condition (She literally at times sounds like she's dying), other personal things, and getting a life.

It probably doesn't matter to you but that's okay :/
I hope to not only see productivity in my art, but also some progress c: And some better things to come.

I know what you're thinking "Oh 2017 is going to be much worse! MUCH WORSE!!!".  At least think of some good times that will come.  It can't all be bad.  So have a wonderful New Years/ Eve.
To all of you c:
It's here!!! :> The month we've all been waiting for!!!

And that means you'll be seeing art of the Holidays from me c: And some Kat of course c;
And with all the holiday spirit going around I can guarantee a Christmas pic in time for the Holidays, like a twelve days of Christmas thing?  Maybe twelve days of something?  I had the idea of that featuring Kat receiving suggested gifts from certain people and you'll see what she thinks.  Got any idea for the Holidays?
Enjoy your day.
Not everyone is talking about it?
Veterans day ;v; Salute those.
Do I really have to spend 1200 points or more just to have core? ;v;
Nothing special from me today, but at least I made a decent amount of art this month c: Also Happy birthday to a buddy of mine :iconsolidservine97: and others.
Well more importantly, my recent boost in art?  I just wanted to do these so I can make up for most of the absence of art since summer or something.  I've been kind of busy but not too busy :/

I can't lie, I am just drawing what I want and I don't know why I think my art worth being commissioned.  I just thought I was good enough to consider my art to be more than 10 measly points and instead making it somewhere around 50 to 100, that's really only about a dollars worth but I can accept that some people can't afford that.  I mean I ain't forcing anyone to commission me.

As for life, meh.  Why would you want to know anyway?

Well expect something good on Halloween, until then hope your day is good c: